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Galaxy 542 Bottle Wine Cellar Storage Cabinet G-540



Galaxy 356 Bottle Cabinet & 542 Bottle Cabinet are the workhorse series. Thanks to the double insulation and universal racking, this cabinet supports oversized bottles.

Great for high-capacity wine storage and in difficult locations. 


Solid Door Luan Mahogany Exterior with Trim Molding 542 Bottle Capacity Double Deep Universal Redwood Racking
American Walnut Finish Heavy Duty Insulation with 2 1/4" Thickness Double Insulated Cabin
Low-Heat Interior Light Adjustable Glides 550 lbs.
Breezaire WKCE 2200 Cooling Unit (115V) - with Back Venting Exhaust Security Locks  Warranty Included

Proudly Crafted from natural Oak trees in the USA.

Available Upgrades

Bulk Racking (+$295)

Meant for bulk storage on the bottom portion of the cabinet

Side Venting (+$165)

Cooling unit will vent warm exhaust out the side of the cabinet

Top Venting (+$295)

Cooling unit will vent warm exhaust out the top of the cabinet


Cost does not include shipping or upgrades.

Please fill out the quote form below, and we will contact you.

Dimensions: 84 1/2" H x 62" W x 30" D

Weight: 550 lbs.  

Capacity: Holds up to 542 bottles (464 individual + 78 top bulk storage)

Exterior Wood: Luan Mahogany

Interior Wood: Redwood

Finish: American Walnut


*Base pricing does not include shipping. 

*Please fill out quote form and provide shipping address for full cost estimate. 

*Lead Time estimated at  6-7 weeks